The Perfect Dress For A Night At The Casino

Recently, I went with my friends for a night at the casino. We usually hang out at our favourite bar but for that particular night, we all wanted to dress up and try our luck at the casino.

Our little adventure gave me the idea to write about the perfect dress that you can wear while spending a great night with friends in a casino.

How to dress for a night out in a casino

First of all, your dress should reflect the style of the casino. Let us go through that one by one.

Some casinos have a glitzy and glamorous theme. A sequin or sparkly dress would fit nicely with their theme. Add some sexy heels and you should be good to go. If you are not in the mood for a dress, a metallic top with dressy pants should do the trick. Going for gold, silver, black or red should be perfect.

If the casino you will go to is more sophisticated, you want to tone down the colours of your dress. A professional looking dress is okay. Some pearls for accessories will never go wrong as well. A pencil skirt paired with a dressy top is perfect for this casino.

In case you are going to a casino with a relaxed theme, a maxi dress should be the best option for you. This is a really comfortable outfit for a night at the casino. You can bring a jacket to keep yourself warm when the weather becomes too cool for your taste. Wearing sandals or even ballet flats should keep your even more comfortable.

About my night out at the casino

As I mentioned, my friends and I decided to go to a casino and the one we chose had a glamorous vibe to it. That meant dressing up as sparkly as we could. So what did I wear? I wore a black form fitting dress that ended above my knees. The dress had silver accents along the neck and waist. It moved a bit whenever I moved – making it seem like my dress dance. I paired it with silver strappy heels that reached just above my ankles. My friends wore similar dresses – one more sparkly than the other.

The night started out quite well. We did not head out to the games immediately, we got our drinks from the bar and stayed there for 30 minutes or so. With alcohol in our system, my friends and I made our way towards the table games. I tried playing blackjack – but I was not that lucky. I left my friends on the floor and headed out to the slot machines. I spent most of the night playing there.

Our night at the casino was actually quite fun. I think we really enjoyed ourselves that we might do this sometime soon. It is nice to dress up every once and a while.