Fashion Trends Winter 2017/2018

Knowing the latest fashion trends is actually a part of my job. Well, it will be a part of my future so I have made it a point to always be aware of the upcoming trends. It is actually easier than you think. Keeping up with what goes on the runway, the latest release of clothing and apparel from known designers, and what famous style icons are wearing – these are only some of the things that I need to be aware of.

Fashion trends during the Winter 2017/2018

So what exactly is the trend for the Winter 2017/2018 season? Based on what I have seen, there will be a lot of colours and glamorous pieces. Some comfort is also evident in some of the pieces that we see on the runway. Admittedly, there are a lot of things going on right now and it seems like it is up to us to take our pick – probably to define our own individuality. It makes a lot of sense, actually, when you consider the comfort factor. You need to find your own style and we have a lot of options before us.

Here are some of the things that I have noticed in the fashion industry.

First of all, silver is still in the limelight. Quilted jackets are seen with hints of silver and apparel is accessorised with sterling silver.

There are also bold patterns that are influenced by folk designs. From materials, texture, and prints, people who wish to be bold this season can opt to take on this particular style. Apart from folk-inspired patterns, polka dots are also in right now.

Denim is also going strong right now. They actually call it double denim. That means wearing two different pieces of denim (top and bottom) together. When throwing pieces together, make sure you go for everyday elegance to make the ensemble work.

Some plastic in the form of reworked raincoats is also coming in hot this season. These are the type of fashion trends that might be hard for others to go for. However, there are more subtle hints of plastic complementing color blocking – that should be good enough for the more conservative fashionistas.

Since it is the winter season, knits are very much in fashion. At least, cosy knits are the thing right now. There is a modern twist of course – with fringing and stretches.

Popular colours of Winter 2017/2018

Apart from these fashion trends, there are also important colours that you need to know. If you want to follow the trend, you can opt to stay true to the colours instead.

So what are the popular colours this Winter 2017/2018 season?

As mentioned, there will be a lot of silver this season – and we mean the shiny silver shade. Pink is also a popular colour choice – but the shade has a wide range. Most of the shades of pink can be used – from raspberry to cherry pink. Think about candy pink and you should be good to go.

A more daring shade of red will also be popular this season. It will be a mix of elegance and modern – so darker and bold shades of red should work well. It does not have to be your whole ensemble. Red lipstick or a touch of bold red should be good enough.

What do you think of these fashion trends? Do you think it is something you can include in your wardrobe?