My Favourite Fashion Blogs To Follow

Fashion blogs are a great way to look into inspirational pieces that come from the creativity of individuals like you and me. Sure, looking at runways and designer labels will give you a hint of current fashion trends. But you have to remember that these are usually commercialised already. After all, the fashion industry is their cash cow. They need to release fashionable pieces that the general population would want to buy.

Why looking at fashion blogs is a good idea

But if you want to create your own style or get enough inspiration to assemble the right mix for your outfit, you need to look elsewhere. What better way than to look at fashion blogs?

In the past, people go to the streets to observe what people are wearing. Now, you no longer have to do that. These people have made their presence known online. You simply have to look at their personal blogs to get to know their personal style.

These blogs are basically online journals of different people who are not afraid to express their own style. It is not just a collection of outfits and ensembles. These blogs discuss their personal tastes, preferences, and their own sources of inspiration. What you will see on their blog will purely be based on their own creativity and fashion sense. It does not get any more real than that.

Some of my favourite fashion blogs

So what are my favourite fashion blogs?

My Free Choice

This is a blog by Erika Boldrin. She is a native of Milan and has professed her love for reading and tranquility. Since she was 5, she was already into fashion – having a clear idea of what she wanted to wear. She also likes taking photos and that is what you will mostly see on her blog. You will clearly see her fashionable choices based on the photos that she posts.

Life of Boheme

This is another one of the blogs that are dominated by photos of various fashion inspirations. She posts a lot of photos of their outfits and usual ensembles – from casual, to professional, etc. It is a great showcase of a french girl’s style – with a refreshingly modern twist. You will see posts about her travels and musical preferences too.

Harper’s BAZAAR

Apart from the individual fashion blogs, I also keep tabs on Harper’s BAZAAR. I like keeping up with the industry itself and this is a great website to get the information that I need. Basically, it showcases famous people and their personal styles and other industry news like what is hot in the runway.