My Plans For The Future

My plans for the future are pretty clear. At least, for now, the path that I am taking is intended to lead me to become a fashion designer. I have always wanted to become a designer. Over the years, I have developed my own fashion sense and I know that I can make a successful career out of it.

My life studying fashion design

My passion for fashion led me to study BA Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University in Newcastle. It is one of the best schools for me to hone my fashion design skills and at the same time, teach me how to promote and market them.

Studying in this university has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I like the diverse student population because it exposes me to a lot of personalities and in effect, their respective cultures too. It helps me keep an open mind. With all my plans for the future, I know that this exposure will help me become a successful designer.

My courses at the university cover everything that I need to learn in the industry. From the garments, textile, and other skills like sewing and pattern-making – the course I am taking will tap into all of these. I believe it will give me an edge as I try to make my way into the fashion industry in the future.

Beyond the actual creation of the fashionable pieces, I like how this 4-year course will teach me how to analyse trends and predict what the market would want to buy or not. Ultimately, this is how the fashion industry will survive.

My future plans as a fashion designer

During the start of my third year, I applied in one of the local retail shops in Newcastle. I have been working there for the past few months. I like how it exposes me to the retail side of the fashion industry. It allows me to work on observing what the customer wants and what they are looking for when they shop. I believe this insight and exposure will help me identify the right designs to pitch.

Although I still have more than a year before I graduate, I like the fact that I am already working on my plans for the future. I was never really one to procrastinate. If it can get an edge as early as now, I will grab it. In my last year, I hope to be able to intern as a junior fashion designer. I have yet to figure out where that would be. For now, my exposure in the retail industry is getting me where I want to go. Hopefully, things will work out for me next year.

When I graduate, I am planning to relocate to London. With the opportunities there, I think I can act on my plans for the future a lot better.