About Me And My Blog

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Eleanor and I am an aspiring fashion designer. In this blog, I hope to share with you my journey as I study fashion and try to make a career out of it. I intend to share with you what I know about the industry. Hopefully, you will also end up loving fashion as much as I do.

But then again, why should you listen to me?

About me

Well, I love everything about fashion. Since I was a small girl, I have always mixed and matched my outfits – trying to find a different style. I never wanted to just wear something straight from the store. I had to put my own design or style into it. That was just how I was growing up.

I love clothes and I love making myself look good. It gives me enough confidence whenever I hear someone complimenting my outfit. This was how I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer.

Right now, I am in Newcastle studying how to become one and I am quite happy with what I am learning so far. Of course, I am itching to work on my own designs but learning about the industry and the great people behind it is also something else. It motivates me even further to build my own style. While I understand how this industry can be fierce – I am not really threatened. I hope I do not lose my confidence but you never really know in this industry. I just hope I get enough training in school to help me survive – at least enough to help me build a name for myself.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you my journey.

About my website

So what exactly can you expect from my blog?

I will probably share with you a lot of things that I learn from school. Like the fashion trends next season or the best designers making the headlines in the industry today – both clothing and red carpet designers.

This blog is actually perfect for those who want to become a fashion designer themselves. I will share useful information with you like the best fashion schools in the UK and the fashion blogs that you should be following.

In case you are not sure about this career, I hope that my blog will help you bring things into clarity. Here you will find the specific traits that will make you a great fashion designer. Some of them may be traits you already have while other qualities may have to be honed and trained. There are certain skills that you need to learn and as long as you are passionate about it, you will learn it in no time.

While my blog will mostly be about my journey as an aspiring fashion designer, it will also be about my life in general. Of course, everything will reflect my passion for fashion – like what I would wear during a night out with friends in a casino or a romantic dinner date. I hope that everything you read here will inspire you to fall in love with fashion – at the very least, for your own benefit.